About Tamara Faust


Tamara Faust is a healing arts practitioner based in Sedona, AZ. Since the turn of the century, she has been passionately involved in holistic healing arts as a path to personal empowerment, inner and outer strength, radiant joy and compassionate love.

As a dedicated student of yoga, Tamara has participated in numerous teacher trainings and advanced workshops. While traveling in India for nine months, she studied traditional Hatha yoga, clinical yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. In an effort to connect esoteric wisdom with modern American needs, Tamara became a certified Vinyasa/Power yoga instructor with CorePower Yoga in 2008 and completed the Mindfulness Yoga Meditation Teacher Training program with Spirit Rock Meditation Center in 2011.

In addition to teaching yoga, Tamara is a licensed massage therapist. Her specialty is Thai Massage, also known as Lazy Man’s Yoga. People love Tamara’s Thai massage and bodywork sessions, because the results tend to be longer lasting than conventional massage. Her Thai massage sessions incorporate results-based clinical bodywork, gentle stretching, rhythmic compressions, acupressure, energy work and more. For those who require deeper work, Tamara walks on backs – a profoundly de-stressing experience! Each session is unique and customized to meet individual needs. In addition to Thai massage, Tamara practices Ayurvedic bodywork, Neuromuscular massage, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Lymphatic massage, Reflexology and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

To learn more about Tamara and her work, drop into a yoga class at Yoga Shala; sign up for an upcoming Thai Massage Date night; schedule a one-on-one yoga or massage session by calling 928-202-0762; and visit www.tamarafaust.com